Fitch. San Francisco takes inspiration from the world’s centre of sun-soaked, laid-back cool: California.  Revolutionary design, strong personality and unbreakable spirit culminate in frames that will change the way you see glasses forever.

Crafted with Ultem, a revolutionary new material that bends and flexes without snapping, Fitch frames are literally unbreakable – so lightweight, so comfortable – they combine great style with serious substance.

Let’s talk design. With a city as vibrant as San Francisco at the centre, the inspirational range of shapes and sizes, colours and prints work for every look you rock and everything you do. From surfer to tech designer, music mogul and beyond - there’s a pair for every person you are and want to be.

Classic, old-school style, reflects the city’s heritage charm, while contemporary designs mirror the area’s pioneering industry. Pop on a pair and you’re hopping on a tramcar into the heart of a place that inspired some of the greatest musicians the world has ever known. Pick up another, and you’re transported to a town that teams with cultural diversity and modern vision.

With a selection as vast as the Golden Gate bridge, the sky’s the limit on your stylish journey with Fitch. Unbreakable frames in styles that suit you – dependable throughout your fast-paced contemporary life and stylishly reflective of your individual personality. Check out the range and start seeing things differently. Welcome to your lifelong friendship with Fitch. San Francisco.


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